Please help us make this a huge and well-organized worship service for Jesus!

Here are volunteer positions we want help with. Please email, call or text us to let us know what you would like to do. Our contact data is on the front page.

  • Pickup trucks & drivers to carry portable sound systems
    1. Loud Portable sound systems
  • Sound system Tech Support to get all systems working and properly prepped for the March
  • Church contacts to communicate to their church about the March
  • Social Media communicators to post March publicity
  • Folks to call churches to invite them to participate
  • Dancers and parade floats. Dancers will dance free-style in the March and fre-style at City Hall as a group
  • Vans/busses to transport people from Harbor Park Parking to Ruffner Middle School
  • Photographers/videographers to document the March. Drone shots would be great!
  • Communication Coordinator to oversee coms between leaders via walkie-talkies, cell phone, etc.
  • Security folks, EMT’s
  • Assistants for main leaders: Available to do odd jobs to help man March leaders.
  • Clean-up crew at City Hall and at Ruffner
  • Crowd-control helpers.

Please email or call us to volunteer