Proclaiming Jesus is Lord in Hampton Roads

A joyous worship parade in downtown Norfolk

May 18, 2024

10 AM to Noon


A joyous Worship Parade in downtown Norfolk

May 18, 2024

10 AM to Noon

 Do you long to see Jesus glorified publicly in Hampton Roads?

Come to the March for Jesus on May 18, 2024!

50 million people have done this since 1987 around the world.


Everyone Welcome

Come if you love Jesus! This is a free event but please register using the button above so we can be perpared to serve you. Bring the family!


Not about a protest, a cause or a person

Just a mobile worship service for Jesus! Clcik here for an overview. Click here to learn more about this national March for Jesus event.


A National & International Event

Cities across the nation and world will host a March for Jesus every year. 


50 Million Have Participated Since 1987

Tens of thousands in each city. Some Brazilian cities have had over one million in a single March for Jesus!


Sponsored by Protestant & Catholic Leaders

A partial list of pastors supporting this event is listed below


Norfolk has hosted many March for Jesus events

Since the 1990’s, Norfolk has hosted 17 March for Jesus events


Download a Flyer to share!


Read Mayor Kenny Alexander's Proclamation!

2024 Planning Team Dates & Docs:

Our Planning Docs ( Password protected)

Jan 30:  10 AM at GO Church, 333 Edwin Dr. VB, 23456



The March for Jesus Brings Our Community Together in Love Around Jesus!

The most recent videos are on top!

March for Jesus Planning Team 2023

Bishop Cleveland Brown is the March Chairman. Other Team Members are:

  • Pastor Neverett Yarbough
  • Pastor Ray Boetcher
  • Pastor Tony Peaks
  • Pastor Michelle Littman
  • Pastor Chris Cunningham
  • Deacon Darrell Wentworth
  • Pastor Miguel Dabul
  • Pastor Mike Harris
  • Apostle Franklin Frisby
  • Pastor Veronica Thomas
  • Publicist Roberta Perry
  • Worship Leader Chimere White
  • Dance Leader Deidre Harmon
  • Pastor Emeritus Clinton Brown
  • Pastor Joe McDaniel
  • Stacha Asburn, Whole Way Ministries
  • Pastor Paul Hardy, Iron Horse Church
  • Mr. Eric Thompson
  • Evangelist Scott Gilbert
  • Pastor Bob Fox